H. H. Bharat Bhushan

H. H. Bharat Bhushan

Yog Guru from India the mother land of Yoga Science has exposed the humanitarian aspect of great Indian science of yoga from Sydney to New York and from Moscow to Cape Town covering over 70 countries of the world.

He founded 'MOKSHAYATAN INTERNATIONAL YOGASHRAM' in Saharanpur in the year 1973 at a young age of 21 years. Many national and International celebrities including H.E. President of India and Speaker of Parliament have been visiting his Mokshayatan International Yogashram to share its activities of yoga and human harmony.

His Excellency Vishnu Kant Shastri the Governor of UP quoted him as true cultural ambassador of India and he is the first ever yogi to initiate International Yoga Festival and transmit Yoga to international audience for over 24 years as yog guru on behalf of Govt of India and Uttar Pradesh since 1990.

Many international channels including different Indian news channels Door Darshan have made documentaries on the life and his global contributions in promoting the cause of yoga. With his yoga programs on air since 1978 he has the largest score of telecast on Indian and foreign television channels. His yoga programs are on regular telecast.

In chain of recognitions as Yog Chakrvorty, Yog Martand, Modern Vivekananda, Yog Tarni, Arjuna Shri & Pratap Shri Of India, Bharat Bhushan ji became the first ever yogi decorated with "Padmashri" by President of India Dr R Venkat Raman in 1991.

International Award "Global Gem of Yoga" was conferred on him by Pulian International Club at China in 2011.

Leading Indian journal "India Today" has included yogi Bharat Bhushan among the 50 High & Mighty personalities of India in 2011.

"Life Time Achievement Award-2012" the highest of Awadh Sanmaan on behalf of Zee News, the largest network of India was conferred on him by the Chief Minister of UP.

"Life Time Achievement Award-2013" was conferred on him by All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi.

Awarded D Lit by CCS University Meerut for his contributions to yoga science.

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting India, Austrelian Broadcasting Corporation, Larry D Mattingley of USA and Zee News have made documentary films on the life and contributions of Yogi Bharat Bhushan.

He has the credit of introducing diploma, Degree and PG courses in Yoga in Indian Universities as member of the curriculum committee. With a very large following of Yoga lovers he commands equal trust & love in the hearts of people from different faiths.

ICCR, Ministry of External Affairs Government of India has impaneled him in the board to select yoga experts for foreign deputation from India.

Guru Bharat Bhushan is the member of Task Force under Ministry of Health government of India for monitoring and promotion of yoga.

Yogic techniques of Bharat Bhushan have been accepted and disseminated at various institutes of administration. He is the guest faculty in different Institutes of Public Administration, Police academies, ITM under Ministry of Defense.

He has been the member of Experts Committee and Financial Advisory Committee of Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy under Ministry of Health Government of India.

Yog Guru Bharat Bhushan is the founder executive members of Indian Yoga Association funded by Ministry of Health Govt of India. Many of his disciples have marked their presence on International map.

Popularly known as grehsth sanyasi Yogi Bharat Bhushan did perfect justice with his family responsibilities. He is the father of international celebrity kathak dancer and young yoga exponent Acharyaa Pratishtha and Nishtha the author of many books on applied yoga and diet discipline.

With heavy bucket of experience today yoga guru Bharat Bhushan has became a legend with eye capturing glow, ever showering love in eyes, melody in voice & in discriminatory blessings from heart to yoga seekers.

His never tiring journey knows no bounds. He feels pride in serving classes and the masses with nectar of yoga and in being the smallest servant of this vastest science of self.