Mondreeta Sengupta (Mondy)

Mondreeta's Passion lies in uplifting human consciousness, knowledge & wisdom through her Spiritual talks.

She is a Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, an Internationally qualified Energy Healer & Trainer; a Therapist; a Pranic Healer, Reiki Healer & a Tao Healer. She is deeply into the study, research & practice of Yoga-Meditation-Healing; Theosophy (Spiritual Science; Higher Sciences & Inner Sciences) and Divinity, for more than a decade. She is a popular International Speaker & Motivator in Spiritual Science & Divinity; a Coach & Speaker in Ramakrishna Mission & in International Spiritual Seminars, Forums, Conferences, Management Institutions & Corporate Houses.

She is a a Cultural & Spiritual Ambassador for Foreign Delegates, from the Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Govt. of India. As a founder of Yoga-Meditation & Healing Ashram, in Dehradun, she heads the Uttarakhand Pranic Healing, Meditation & Training Center; a branch of World Pranic Healing School & School of Inner Studies, Manilla.

She has studied Chartered Accountancy and Cost Accountancy, Master of Science, in Psychology, MA in Counseling & Psychotherapy, PGD in Training & Development and PGD Travel & Tourism.

She joined American Consulate, Bombay (their training wing) as a Trainer (soft-skills) and started a counseling and psychotherapy clinic. Later she became a Coach and Trainer with Corporates and Aviation Industry, both National and International Airlines, (training Cabin-crews, both pilots and air-hostesses and ground staff). As a Freelance Journalist, she started ;/writing for Newspapers and Magazines (The Statesman, Telegraph, Times of India, Mid-day, Indian Express, Garwal-post, Amar Ujala, ... etc., and authored books, winning National Award and finally founded web based International News Channel, Pema Newz and Yoga-Meditation & Therapy Center, and Training Development Center and Destination Management Company (Spiritual Tours, Vacations & Holidays), Adventoure; serving the Global populace for more than two decades. She has been Ex-General Manager, Human Resources, heading Training & Developmet from Reliance Industries Ltd.

She is a National swimmer, a World record holder mountaineer (Smt Indira Gandhi had felicitated her), an adjudged All-rounder from HMI (Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeelig), a successful Nature photographer, and Interior designer, an author (won National award), an International dancer (Traditional, Folk & Contemporary dance). She is a Level-II (Merit) Graduate in Music (Vocal) from Trinity College, London.
As a Philanthropist, she organizes Free Healing Camps for Public, conducts Mass (Public) coaching & workshops on Yoga-Meditation & Self-Healing techniques; supporting orphanages, under-privileged children, old-age homes, educating poor children etc

Her vision is.. to reach our Spiritual Motherland to its height of Spiritual Social Abundance in the comig Golden Age (Sata Yuga); she endeavors to be an instrument to Initiate social change that may make tomorrow's generation & tomorrow's society healthier & wiser. Her Mission has been to transform Scars into Stars, through her Spiritual dispositions, Counseling and Training. As a practitioner of Self-Mastery, her Spiritual Contribution to society is her Prime Interest.