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Hailing from the oldest school of Himalayas, Grand Master Akshar is an internationally acclaimed yogic master and visionary. He is Founder, Chairman and Course Director of, one of the largest yoga chains in India. He has trained more than 10,00,000 students in Yoga and Spirituality through online and offline platforms. Akshar Yoga’s sister schools are located in Iran and France, and our teachers are present in countries like Japan, France, Iran, Australia, Germany, and United States.

Trained more than 10,00,000 practitioners globally through online and offline platforms

Grand Master Akshar believes in using the powerful platform of yoga to spread the messages of love, peace and harmony to all. According to him, each one of us is blessed with the invaluable gift of this life. The time that we have here is limited therefore he urges that as individuals, we are all responsible for what we do with our time. Grand Master longs for the world to learn the language of love, and to see through optimistic eyes. He wants people to live blissfully, and to share this positivity with the nature that surrounds and sustains us.

An eloquent orator, Grand Master Akshar has been invited as Chief Guest and Key Speaker at UN World Water Day and UN World Environment Day hosted by United Nations in India. As a TEDx Speaker, he has spoken on the topic of Yoga and Wellness. He regularly shares the platform with many international speakers, traveling the globe as Life and Motivational Coach to train and guide people while learning myriad cultures.

Grand Master has carved a niche for himself in the global wellness map by innovating Yoga he weaves together ancient wisdom of Himalayan Yoga with contemporary forms of fitness regimens. Grand Master Akshar is a serial entrepreneur with many charitable and business organizations to his credit. He is Founder and President of World Yoga Organisation, Founder & Chairman of the International Siddha Foundation and Shri Mahaprabhu Jagannatha Sangh. His business innovations of Aerial Yoga, Wheel Yoga, Super Brain Power Yoga and Power Yoga were introduced in the context of his Yoga chain, Akshar Yoga to enhance one’s practice. He has also established Brhajaga, an organic food unit which specializes in the manufacture and sale of high quality, organic products like ghee, honey, jaggery and virgin coconut cold pressed oil etc.

Additionally, Akshar Yoga is also in collaboration with many international organisations and prestigious Universities to provide educational and professional programs in yoga studies. Grand Master Akshar, while maintaining yoga’s ancient tradition has pioneered a metamorphosis of yoga in order to stimulate the mind-set of a younger generation of yoga practitioners. He ensures that all his products proudly wear the ‘Made in India’ label. A regular columnist in leading newspapers and online portals, he is also the author of the Yoga Namaskar Book, published by DK Publishers (an imprint of Penguin Random House) which contains salutations to the universal elements

Grand Master Akshar has shared his experience of yoga with various athletes of international fame such as the legendary Sunil Gavaskar, Australian cricket star Matthew Hayden and trained the inspirational wrestling champions Geeta & Babitha Phogat to name a few.

It is only through service to others that one is remembered, this lends a noble quality to the profession of teaching. Grand Master Akshar therefore encourages all practitioners to go forth and teach the divine art of Yoga. A true source of motivation and inspiration, he sows the seeds of love for Yoga wherever he goes. In this way, he has altered the course of many lives for the better. Through Grand Master’s dynamic influence, Akshar Yoga can be credited for the contribution of a significant number of yoga teachers to society.