Head Deptt. of Yogic Science ,Uttarakhand Sanskrit University,Haridwar

Dr.Laxminarayan Joshi is a highly qualified immensely talented and gifted yogiwith extra ordinary knowledge and more than 28 years experience in the field of Nadi Vigyan and Yoga Therapy and Healing Sciences .He was born and brought up in the Yogic environment of Rishikesh in a Bhramin family devoted to Yoga practice .His father is a renouned educationist and staunch Yoga practioner himself.At the tender age of 2 years Yogacharya Dr. Joshi started following his father’s guidance and he met his Gurujee at the age of 7 in Himalayas .He stated giving Yoga lessons to foreingeners and local from very young age he has devoted his majority of time in practicing and exploring the lessons of Yoga his academically a high qualified person in Yogic science,having Ph.D in Yoga Therapy and has double master in Yoga and Physical education .For the last decade he has been busy in travelling abroad and giving workshops in different Universities and Colleges.He is the only Yogi who was invited by under the privilege of Olymic comitte to introduce first time yoga to 10000 athlete from 100 countries in 2008,TAFISA GAMES South Korea

Dr.Joshi achieved amazing success in treating nerve pain ,muscles pain ,postural disfuntioning by NADI VIGYAN and Pran Sancharan kriya.

He is a Key note speaker in different Universities and giving workshops to different universities of India and abroad like B.H.U Varansi ,ASC Nainital,ASC Himachal Pradesh,ASC Punjabi University Patialaya and JECRC Universityetc.

He wrote many books on Yoga and prepared Yoga syllabus for different Universities and Colleges of India.He also prepared syllabus and wrote books for the Govt. of Uttarakhand from class 6 to 12.

He visited different countries like China ,South Korea,Indonesia,Thailand ,Bulgaria,Singapore,Srilanka,Spain,Russia nd given more than 1000 workshops of Yoga Therapy in India and abroad .

Recently he visited Moscow Medical University in Russia and many Yoga Centres in Russia.


He is the member of Board Of Studies in various Universties and colleges like P.G College,Himachal Pradesh University,Uttarakhand Sanskrit University,Dev Sanskriti University etc.

He is the Ex H.O.D in S.J.R.S College, RISHIKESH