Bhakti Fest
Performance by Parvathy Baul

Ganga Resort

Parvathy Baul is a Practitioner of the Baul Path as well as a painter from West Bengal. She performs in the traditional style, using voice and movement, along with her Ektara (One stringed instrument), Duggi (drum) and Nupur (anklets) in meditative performance. She has practiced this path for over 20 years, having learned from the masters Sanatan Das Baul and Sashanka Goshai. She has also written a book - ‘Song of the Great Soul’ and released a few CDs with Baul Songs such as Sahajiya, Prem Geethi, Mystic etc.

She has been performing Baul since 1995, in India and the world. Besides her solo performances in Festival de l’imaginaire (Paris), Festival international du Conte et du Monodrame (Beirut, Libanon), and Ethnomad (Geneva, Switzerland), her guest appearances include prestigious venues like the Noh theatre at Kyoto (Japan) together with Kamigata-mai and Kyogen Performers, the World Music Center New York, Odin Teatret, Denmark, Chicago University, and Bread and Puppet Theatre, Vermont, USA.

About Ekathara Kalari

Ganga Resort

Ekathara Kalari is a space for sadhakas from the traditional knowledge streams of art, spirituality, theatre, puppetry, music and healing. Merging the concepts of the ‘Akhara’, a space for Baul practitioners from the Bengali tradition, and the ‘Kalari’, the traditional Kerala theatre practice space.

Ekathara Kalari was founded by Shri. Ravi Gopalan Nair and Smt. Parvathy Baul in 1997. The Kalari is open for a few selected students who would like to go through a period of intense training in the Baul Parampara. The Kalari has created many festivals, workshops, meetings and tours with contemporary masters and practitioners from all around the world.

Ekathara Kalari organizes the Tantidhatri Festival, an international women’s performing arts annual event. The Kalari also organizes regular Baul Gyan Darpan events (Baul Retreats). It also works with Baul Ashrams and established Baul Gurus and masters, documenting and researching various aspects of the tradition.