Tara Ahem

Tara is the principle of Tara ji and founder of Himalayan Yin Yoga. Himalayan Yin Yoga brings together two systems of medical energetics - the Indian tantric and Chinese Taoist traditions. Tara ji is a collaboration of yoga teachers, energy workers and body workers united by a desire to help each individual realise their full potential while on the planet.

Tara believes as we become increasingly disconnected from ourselves, life and each other, our humanity is endangered. In her teachings she continuously draws us back to ourselves; to our own infallible wisdom within. Tara teaches directly from her our experience and continuously refers practitioners back to the authority of their true self.

As a passionate lover of life, Tara's teaching style is enthusiastic and light-hearted. She believes her diverse ethnic background has inspired her to seek kindness, harmony, union and collaboration as the undercurrent of her life.

As a master practitioner, she specialises in Yin Yoga, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats, Festivals and travel. Tara believes the quiet introspective nature of Yin Yoga encapsulates an ageless ahimsa quality as well as promoting vitality and wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

Tara is particularly interested in calming the stress response induced in high performance professions such as sportspeople, public speakers, business leaders, dancers, singers and actors. Tara collaborates with a host of qualified teachers to offer guidance in health, lifestyle, and holistic wellbeing for people experiencing high levels of stress in their personal or professional life.

She believes, given the appropriate degree of support and guidance, the Himalayas is a perfect environment for people to experience and implement beneficial, long-lasting changes in their lives. Her approach is to empower the individual to adopt an attitude of curiosity about their own body as a vehicle to physical, energetic and spiritual vitality.

About Tara

Born Ahern, to an Irish father and Lebanese mother, Tara was gifted with the name 'Tara' in 2015, while studying Yin Yoga in Rishikesh, India. Many people she encountered struggled with the pronunciation of the French name and consequently the name Tara brought great practical, spiritual and ethnic significance. The name Tara is commonly used in both Gaelic and Sanskrit traditions: in Gaelic the name is taken to mean "queen" and in Sanskrit the name Tara is taken to mean "star". Ji is used in Indian culture as a mark of respect.

Tara has a life story that resonates with many yoga practitioners. She has played the role of spouse, mother, masters' student, high-achieving business woman. However, none of this was satisfying until she learned to come home to herself. Tara will invite you to do the same.