R. K. Dham

Raj Kumar Dham B.E.,D.I.I.Sc;MD(AM) is a Life Coach ,Motivational Trainer, Healer and Founder Member of Atamabodh. Atamabodh is devoted to inspiring the people to have a purpose or goal in Life and empowering them by systematic inner programming to gain total wellbeing.
Jointly with Prof.Dr. K.N.Krishnaswamy, Raj Kumar Dham has developed Body Mind Programming (BMP) based on Ashtanga Yoga for Self Transformation. Their research work has been published in the form of a book "Create Your Own Future Through Body Mind Programming" in 2015.
He is alumnus and guest faculty at I.I.Sc. He worked as Head of Management Services Department of Bharat Electronics Ltd., Ghaziabad. He is a Trustee of People's Trust, an NGO which has adopted 18 villages for total development. Trustee Institute of Health and Cosmic Harmony, Trainer, Yoga Master, Holistic Health and Wellness Promoter. Fellow Member of International Yoga and Meditation and Top Contributor Indian Leadership Group. His book Your Back is the Backbone of Your Health was published by the Institute of Health and Cosmic Harmony, 1996. Was awarded Gold Medal by IHMA for his contribution to the society for the cause of Holistic Health in 2001.
Namma Bengaluru Foundation has honoured him in2015 for his social services for making the lives of people better.
He has conducted many workshops and Training programmes, and delivered talks on Self Development, Stress Management, Mind Cleansing, Yoga for Self Transformation, Yoga for Healing etc. He is promoting Heart - Mind Yoga based on harmonizing the heart and brain.