Yogi Gulshan Kumar

Academic Qualification

M.A., Dip in Yoga Science & Naturopathy

Yoga Experience

30 Yrs.


Yoga Therapy, Relaxation & Meditation

Yoga Programme on T.V. & All India Radio

I have represented various programme on Delhi, Lucknow, Doordarshan & All India Radio New Delhi.

Written Works

I have written many articles on Yoga & Health. Which have been published in leading news papers & magazine of India. Besides this, a book on the topic of Yoga & Health has been released which is written by me.

Other Achievements

I have cured many patients who are suffering from Diabetes, Depression , Slip-disc, Cervical Spondylities, Insomnia, digestion problem, I.B.S., H.P.B. & Heart Trouble etc. Only through Yoga Relaxation & Meditation. In Saharanpur, I have run my own Yoga Institute.