Mr. V.M. Janakiraman

Sri VM Janakiraman is a senior yoga expert at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram with over 15 years of yoga experience. Leaving his lucrative senior position at Central Government Organization, he took yoga as his future in the year 2000. He is an expert not only in Asanas, but also in Yoga Therapy and in the diverse philosophy of Yoga. He has extensively taught all the aspects of Yoga to many International and Indian students. He has presented papers on Yoga at many International Seminars& workshops at India and abroad. Besides being an experienced Yoga Teacher he is also an expert in vedic chanting.

He is one of the examiners under QCI India for yoga certification and he was also one of the experts in the expert committee, invited by Government of India to discuss about the common yoga practice that was given to all participants on International Day of Yoga.