Mrs. Shilpa Joshi

Mrs. Shilpa Joshi is a visiting faculty as a lecturer for kaivalyadham [Mumbai] an institute established by swami Kuvalayananda in 1934.

Passing out with first rank at the diploma course in 1989 at kaivalyadham [Mumbai]she has been actively engaged with the teaching as an instructor for 3 years and then with the lectures basically in the TRADITIONAL YOGA AND YOGIC TEXTS.

She has actively participated in various seminars,workshops and seen more than 2000 patients at the institute.

Worked at Jain conwest Hospital, as a yoga therapist. Academically she has her Masters degree in ANALYTICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY with 1st rank in the S.N.D.T. UNIVERSITY.

She has done a 3 years Bhagwad geeta correspondence course from geeta saddharma mandal Pune and likes to use the text in her lectures.

A course in naturopathy from Nasik also to add as complementing to the yogic therapy.

For past few years she is actively engaged with the translation work of spiritual texts like Dasbodh by swami ramdas and The divine touch about saint Tukaram.The other texts include Swami Kuvalayananda's books Asanas, Pranayam from English to Marathi.

With the interaction through many spiritual discourses and through personal study combining the scientific and spiritual aspect if yoga, she has developed an inner vision which reflects in her lectures on.

The yogic texts,[like gheranda samhita,hathapradipika] , Psychodynamics of yoga and Patanjali yoga sutras.

Knowing her for past so many years she is a very amiable person having wonderful interaction with the students.